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2019 FALL Salt Sale Ends Today 9/15/19

By Lisa Simon, 03/22/19, 12:45AM CDT


The Spring Salt Sale Fundraiser Ends September 15, 2019.  

The pre-ordered salt deliveries will begin September 27, 2019.

If you would like to order salt to be delivered to you please contact one of the OBH Players.  

Not sure how to contact a player to order salt then reach out to Lisa Simon and she will assist you.

Thank you for your support.

Lisa Simon


Phone: 727-243-4607


This is for those planning to tryout for Orono Boys High School Hockey.  OBH holds a salt sale fundraiser twice per year as the main source of financing the Junior Varsity and Varsity hockey program. The money raised helps support expenses such as equipment (breezers, bags, players bags and gloves), coach fees, travel expenses, sandwiches for each of the players at the away games, senior night and the year end banquet. 

Salt sales are the biggest single fund raiser for the booster club so we ask for 100% participation by selling 110 bags of salt. For those who choose not to sell salt or if your player does not sell a full 110 bags, it is expected that you cover the profit from selling salt by paying the $330 buy-out contribution or $3 per bag not sold.

Any player that participates in salt sales and ultimately ends up playing Jr. Gold will receive a donation equal to 85% of their amount raised paid toward their Jr. Gold dues.


  1. ALL ORDERS ARE DUE NO LATER THAN 8pm on September per 15, 2019. NO orders will be accepted after this deadline. Checks totaling the entire salt order must be with the order.
  2. Complete the attached order form. Fill out one form per player.
  3. Attach checks for the full order amount. If you do not collect at the time of sale, you will need to write a personal check to cover the full amount.
  4. Drop off your order form and checks to Don Adams.  Address: 200 Truffula Trail, Orono MN. 55356.  Checks for salt and the buyout  should be made out to Orono  Boys Hockey Boosters.
  5. Salt will be available for pick up for you to  personally deliver to your customers on September 27-29, 2019.